Trend reversal at Google: Update for "Helpful Content" rewards helpful content

Content for people instead of machines: The "Helpful Content Update" is intended to reward original texts and media with a higher ranking. Content that has been optimized primarily for the search engine will in future slip in the ranking, according to Google's statement.
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According to a statement by the group, the constant adaptation of web content to the requirements of Google's algorithms has resulted in a lot of content being circulated that was technically optimized but offered no added value in terms of content.

Apparently, Google now wants to put a stop to this development: Starting next week, the so-called "Helpful Content Update" is to be rolled out, which should ensure improved search results. According to Google, the update will be rolled out worldwide, but will initially be aimed at search queries in English. In this way, the Group plans to make it easier to find helpful information.

According to Google, machine-generated content of low quality, which is created solely for the purpose of a good Google ranking, should no longer end up in the top places after the update. In test runs, content from the areas of art, entertainment, shopping and technology in particular showed potential for improvement.

Innovations also for product ratings

Since many users read product reviews before making online purchases, Google says it is planning further refinements to the algorithms at this point. Last year, the group tried to make more expert opinions on products visible in the search results with a series of updates. Further adjustments to online ratings are to follow in the coming weeks.

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