Apple Watch 8: All information about the Ultra model, the Series 8 and SE

The 8th generation Apple Watch has been unveiled. We have all the information about the specifications, availability and the differences for you in our luggage.

As predictably, the smart wristwatch from Apple is getting a new version this year. The Series 7 is thus confidently replaced and the portfolio enjoys new company. Alongside the Watch 8 and new SE model is an Ultra that aims to outperform Garmin.

What are the differences between the new Apple Watch watches? We have all the information in our luggage and will serve it to you in small bites. Let's start with the wristwatch that appears in the usual manner: the Series 8.

This is the Apple Watch Series 8

Basically, the Series 8 is the actual main product of the wristwatches. This is made for the masses and, like the last model, offers a 45 millimeter and a 41 millimeter version. In a classic way, Apple offers you the choice between a normal Apple Watch, a model in cooperation with Nike, and an expensive stainless steel version.

What features does the Series 8 offer? Like the new Ultra model (more on that in a moment), you'll find a body temperature sensor in this watch. The accuracy is 0.01 degrees and at night it measures every five seconds.

In addition, accident detection has been improved. With the low-power mode, the series lasts up to 36 hours without having to be plugged into the socket. The feature will also be available in earlier versions (from Watch Series 5 and watchOS 9). This is what the new Watch Series 8 looks like:

Image 1Picture 2Picture 3Image #4

 The Apple Watch is based on the design of the previous Series 7.

When is it coming and how much does it cost? The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in two variants: one with only GPS from 499 euros and one with GPS and mobile communications from 539 euros. For both models, both 41 and 45 millimeters, the price has risen like the iPhone. It will be delivered from September 16th.

Apple Watch Ultra - The name says it all

Not only the name of the smart wristwatch wants to tell you that it differs from the other versions. The appearance, the form factor and the size do not have much in common with any of the previous models. Well, it still looks like an Apple Watch.

So let's start with the design of the watch. The 49 mm display is enclosed in a titanium case. The watch is powered by the new S8 chip. With the larger screen, you can see more health stats and enjoy special watch faces.

Image 1Picture 2

 The Watch Ultra has a 49mm display.

Speaking of health: the new generation has an improved sensor that you can use to measure your body temperature. As with the Series 8, the accuracy is 0.01 degrees. and measures every five seconds during the night.

The battery life is 36 hours and can be increased up to 60 hours in low-power mode. There is also a night mode and the GPS should be better than in all other fitness trackers thanks to dual GPS .

Since the Watch Ultra is designed for athletes, it also offers all kinds of security features so you don't get lost on the go. With the help of the revised compass app you can set route points.

Particularly interesting for divers : It should also serve as a dive computer and let you penetrate to a depth of 40 meters without damage. The matching app is called Oceanic+ and, in combination with the watch, should be in no way inferior to a dedicated dive computer.

Image 1Picture 2

 Go diving with the Watch Ultra? No problem with a depth of up to 40 meters.

How much does it cost and when does it come? The Apple Watch Ultra starts at 999 euros and can be ordered starting today. It will be delivered from September 23rd.

Apple's new cheapest smartwatch

As expected, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be phased out this year and replaced by the new SE version. In terms of design, this is based on the predecessor or the Series 4. This gives you the choice between a 44 millimeter and 40 millimeter display.

The integrated S8 chip, which is also installed in the other two smartwatches, is admirable in this model - so this watch will not lack power.

Image 1Picture 2

 The new Watch-SE is now Apple's cheapest smartwatch.

The Apple Watch SE is said to be 20 percent faster than its predecessor and can last up to 36 hours (thanks to the low-power mode) without charging.

When is it coming and how much does it cost? The Watch SE will be delivered from September 16th and is available from 299 euros.

The specifications of all models in comparison and at a glance :

model Price screen Always-on display battery life waterproof Blood Oxygen and EKG app temperature sensor
WatchUltra From 999 euros 49mm Yes 36h 100 meters / Recreational diving to 40 meters EN13319 certified Yes Yes, with cycle log
series 8 From 499 euros 45mm or 41mm Yes 6 p.m 50 meters Yes Yes, with cycle log
Watch SE From 299 euros 44mm or 40mm no 6 p.m 50 meters no Cycle log only

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What do you think of the new Apple Watch models? What we are particularly interested in: What is your opinion on the new Apple Watch Ultra? Write it to us in the comments!

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