Chinese phones favored in favor of free devices?

DXOMARK is a popular platform that rates smartphones, lenses and cameras on various aspects. After the tests and evaluations.

The DXOMARK engineers award points for the respective device, which play an important role in the placement in the ranking. But in recent years, DXOMARK had already lost a lot of credibility after some strange ratings.

It is undoubtedly true that DXOMARK scores and rankings do not determine the quality and performance of devices and features as the platform is only spearheaded by Chinese brands such as Honor, Huawei and Xiaomi. 

Now a serious question arises: does DXOMARK give points and ranks only if they have received free trial devices?

Frederic Guichard, CEO of DXOMARK, explained that Xiaomi has stopped sending test devices since their flagship is not included in the top performers ranking. 

The CEO revealed (indirectly targeting Xiaomi) that some manufacturers didn't send test devices this year because they don't want to use the DXOMARK results for advertising.

It was previously reported that DXOMARK released a video in which the CEO clarified that "we do not sell points or lists.

" DXOMARK claims that the published scores of all devices depend only on the quality of the product itself and are not influenced by the manufacturer's choice of rating service.

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