Core i-13000 "Raptor Lake": MSI presents motherboards on September 27th

MSI will be presenting its new motherboards with the Z790 chipset for Intel's upcoming hybrid desktop processors from the new Core i 13000 series (“ Intel Raptor Lake ”) on September 27 in a live stream. The teaser on Twitter most likely shows the first models of the manufacturer's MPG and Pro series.

MSI invites you to the premiere of its Raptor boards

In addition to the MPG Z790 EDGE WIFI DDR4, the MPG Z790 Carbon and the Z790 Pro from the manufacturer's upscale entry-level series are expected to be seen.

While the mainboards with X670 and X670E as well as B650 and B650E chipsets for AMD Ryzen 7000 (" Raphael ") are already on everyone's lips, the boards for Intel Raptor Lake were still relatively quiet. Apart from the new firmware updates that Gigabyte and Biostar have released, the mainboards have hardly made an appearance.

But that will change by September 27 at the latest, because MSI invites you to the premiere of new mainboards for the Core i 13000 series under the motto "The Next Playground - Reframed".

Now all the puzzles are assembled, the next generation you are looking forward to is coming soon.
MSI Virtual Product Launch Event : THE NEXT PLAYGROUNG - REFRAMED, Sep 27th, 09:20 am PDT. Learn more 👉
- #MSI #PlaywithMSI

— MSI Gaming (@msigaming) September 18, 2022

Further information is provided by the manufacturer's website , which is to be updated with the corresponding models after the mainboards have been released.

The 600 chipsets will also be compatible

Z690, H670 and B660 mainboards will also be compatible with Raptor Lake-S, because in the meantime Asus, ASRock and MSI have also released corresponding BIOS updates.

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