iOS 16 release ahead: iPhone update coming on September 12th

Apple plans to release the next major iOS update soon. It brings flexible lock screens and much more. Older iPhones are left out this time.

iOS 16 will be available for general download starting Monday, September 12th. Apple announced this on Wednesday evening on its iPhone keynote 2022 (see also live ticker ). The update is intended for all iPhones made after 2017 – iPhone X and iPhone 8. It will not install on the older iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s models. With iOS 16 , Apple opens the lock screen for the first time for extensive adjustments as well as widgets that are placed directly above and below the time. Apple has also revised the focus mode and integrated it into the lock screens.

New features in iOS 16

iOS 16 brings numerous other improvements to Apple's operating system and the manufacturer's apps. This includes making it possible in iMessage to edit messages later and to mark threads as unread. Apple has integrated functions such as delayed sending of e-mails and reminders into Mail, and notes and reminders are also being expanded. The detailed innovations include a haptic iPhone keyboard. Individual functions will follow later, including live activities on the lock screen and the shared iCloud photo library . Mac & i presents all new functions in detail in the current issue 4/2022 and provides numerous practical tips for iOS 16 in the upcoming issue 5/2022 at the beginning of October.

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Whether Apple will still deliver security updates for iOS 15 remains unclear for the time being – there has been no official announcement so far. In the case of particularly serious vulnerabilities, Apple has so far also provided updates for iPhone models that can no longer be upgraded to a newer version of iOS.

watchOS 9 improves fitness and health features

Parallel to iOS 16, watchOS 9 will be released next week for all Apple Watches from Series 4. The focus here is on improvements in fitness and health functions, with runners in particular getting new functions and measured values. For the first time, the watch allows the display of heart rate zones and the configuration of interval training units with on-board resources, and Apple is also expanding multisport support. The older Series 3, which Apple recently sold as new, does not receive the update.

The iPadOS update released in parallel with iOS in previous years is being held back by Apple this year, it will only follow later in version 16.1, possibly in October in combination with macOS 13 Ventura.

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