iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus Introduced (Update: Euro Prices)

The iPhone era began a little over 15 years ago, and since then there have been new models every year. 2022 makes no difference, because Apple presented the iPhone 14 in the 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max versions at the event ( separate message !). Anyone who has followed the rumors and leaks of the last few weeks shouldn't be very surprised, because the relevant sources were correct for all important key data. We summarize the most important points that need to be known about the 2022 generation of the iPhone.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus
The iPhone 14 is the direct successor to the previous models, because visually everything remains the same. The display diagonal is also still 5.1". The "iPhone 14 Plus" version, on the other hand, is new, because previously you always had to use the highest quality and most expensive equipment for the largest display (6.7 inches). An A15- Chip as you already know it from the generation 2021. However, Apple speaks of more graphics performance, which is achieved by an additional GPU core.

The quality of the camera increases because Apple enlarged the image sensor – with the same resolution of 12 MP. In the case of poor lighting conditions, you should be able to see significant improvements, Apple promises 49 percent more quality. Faster shutter speeds in good light are another advantage, which benefits shots with a lot of movement.

The new "Photonic Engine" is the next step in computer photography, in which algorithms are playing an increasingly important role. Apple explains the advantages as better color representation - whether the lighting conditions are good or bad. Those who use their iPhone for filming can also look forward to, among other things, Dolby Vision HDR and improved image stabilization.

SIM slot disappears
Apple is getting rid of the SIM slot, at least for models in the USA. There you have to work with the eSIM from now on - although it is not entirely clear what the situation is like in Europe. Apple emphasizes how much more convenient it is to transfer the mobile phone contract to the integrated SIM instead of changing cards.

Emergency calls via satellite
connection In fact, there is satellite connection for the first time, so the reports in this regard were correct. Apple developed new sensors to make operation as easy as possible. It doesn't need an external antenna, the iPhone also assists in which direction to aim. If you want to send an emergency message, you can do so in just 15 seconds at best – a few minutes if the sky is overcast. The function will be available from November, but only in the USA and Canada.

price and availability
At $799 for the iPhone 14, Apple is keeping last year's price. An iPhone 14 Plus costs at least $899. The iPhone 14 can be pre-ordered from Friday, with delivery starting a week later. However, it takes longer with the Plus model, which will not appear until October 7th.

In the euro area, the 899 euros for the iPhone 13 are now 999 euros for the iPhone 14. The Plus version is available from 1149 euros.

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