Manufacturers only send test devices if they hope for first place

DXOMARK CEO Frédéric Guichard has stated that he and his colleagues are now receiving significantly fewer smartphones from manufacturers for testing. DXOMARK tells you nothing? In addition to regular cameras, smartphone cams are also tested there and a ranking of the best models is compiled. In the past, the manufacturers advertised quite excessively with the scores. But my impression is that this has decreased in recent years. Now we get a little insight into the background.

According to ITHome , Guichard is said to have announced that manufacturers like Xiaomi only send in test devices if they seriously hope to take first place in DXOMARK. Only the pole position is really interesting for marketing. In the past, DXOMARK had also defended itself against allegations that positive test results were being sold for a fee. That is in no way true.

Manufacturers only send test devices if they hope for first place

Ultimately, it is understandable that brands only explicitly submit their models to DXOMARK themselves if they speculate on landing at the top. 1st place advertises itself better than 2nd, 3rd or possibly 4th or 5th place.

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