Unfortunately, PSVR 2 does not support the old PSVR games

The PSVR games are not compatible with the PSVR 2 hardware. Sony justifies it by saying that the new technology should feel like the next generation.

 We finally know if the PSVR 2 headset can also play the older PSVR titles.

With PSVR 2 , Sony is now going a generation further and offers us technically improved and less complicated hardware. So far, almost 20 titles have been announced that will run on the PS5 with PSVR 2, including Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil 8: Village .

So that the game selection for the release of PSVR 2 is even larger, many fans wish that the old PSVR titles also run on PSVR 2. In a recent interview , SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino now reveals whether older PSVR titles are compatible with the new hardware.

PSVR 2 gets its own titles

Is PSVR 2 compatible with older titles? Nishino reveals that PSVR's games will unfortunately not be compatible with PSVR 2. Unfortunately, this means that a smaller game library will be available when PSVR 2 is released.

All PSVR 2 titles confirmed so far can be found here:

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