Warnings of AdBlue shortage for trucks - government sees no emergency

Berlin/Frankfurt, Sep 7th – The Federal Ministry of Economics currently sees no shortages in the production of the diesel cleaner AdBlue. A spokesman for the ministry said on Wednesday in Berlin that a reaction would be made if it really should come to that. He was reacting to warnings from the Federal Association of Goods Transport and Logistics (BGL), which warned of an emergency in the supply of the substance that is important for trucks. A spokesman for the chemical company SKW Piesteritz had previously told the Reuters news agency: “We are running dry. As we no longer produce anything, our warehouses are empty.” The company from Lutherstadt Wittenberg is one of the largest manufacturers of AdBlue in Germany, along with BASF and Yara. 

Hardly any truck drives without the exhaust gas cleaner, it is also used as a diesel additive for cars. However, due to the drastically increased gas prices, production at SKW Piesteritz has been completely idle for two to three weeks, as it is no longer economical for the company. “No AdBlue means no trucks. And that means no supply for Germany," BGL Managing Director Dirk Engelhardt told the "Bild" newspaper (Wednesday edition), also referring to the production standstill at SKW. The first bottlenecks in retail could occur in as little as two weeks. 

SKW Piesteritz has agreed an emergency reserve with the BGL. From this, however, only around one million liters of AdBlue were left, as the SKW spokesman told Reuters. But according to the group, logistics in Germany requires 2.5 million liters of AdBlue per day, and all cars alone need five million liters per day.

The group relies heavily on gas, as it uses it as a raw material in production and cannot replace it. SKW needs 14 terawatt hours of gas every year, so the company has been hit hard by the skyrocketing prices. In addition, the group will probably have to pay a gas surcharge of EUR 30 million per month. That cannot be done financially. SKW is actually a "very healthy" company, said the spokesman.

The Federal Minister of Economics pointed out that the situation had been carefully monitored for a long time and that the manufacturer was in contact. Regarding the supply situation, the spokesman said that there were several manufacturers in Germany and that there was also the possibility of imports. "We couldn't find a real shortage. But if this should happen, we will take action.” He referred to the support instruments for companies, with which the government wants to ensure that companies have sufficient liquidity. These would also be expanded. 

SKW Piesteritz had previously called for a gas price cap and an exception to the gas levy for companies that use gas as a raw material. "If nothing happens, we will have to register short-time work for October 1st," says the spokesman. SKW Piesteritz employs 850 people, most of them in production.

This article has previously appeared on the website: https://fundscene.com/warnungen-vor-adblue-mangel-fuer-lkw-regierung-sieht-keine-notlage/

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