WatchOS 9 paralyzes Spotify streaming

Spotify is advising anyone streaming music from Spotify on their Apple Watch not to update to watchOS 9, which was released this week. After the update, music streaming via the Apple Watch keeps stopping, so far the only way out is to download music directly to the watch or stream it via an iPhone.

The fault lies with Apple

Spotify has started sending an email to users, in which the company points out the problem and advises against the update. According to Spotify, this is a bug that Apple needs to fix with an update for watchOS. Spotify itself can therefore apparently not get rid of it by simply updating the Spotify app.

According to affected users, music streaming via Spotify on an Apple Watch with watchOS 9 initially starts without any problems, but it breaks off within the first minute or when changing after the first song. However, this only affects the sound output, because the playback bar continues to run normally and does not pause. A way to prevent this behavior without having to wait for an update from Apple has not yet been found. According to current knowledge, all Apple Watch models are affected by the problem and it doesn't matter whether music is streamed via the Apple Watch's WLAN or LTE connection, provided it supports the latter. Music downloaded locally to the Apple Watch via the Spotify app can be played without any problems.

ComputerBase was able to reproduce the behavior with an Apple Watch Series 6 as well as the new Apple Watch Series 8 and the current Spotify app for iOS in version 8.7.66. The beta version of watchOS 9.1 for developers should no longer have the error.

Delivery of the new Apple Watch with watchOS 9

However, those who own or have pre-ordered a new Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra have no choice but to opt out of the update, as both new models ship directly with watchOS 9. Deliveries of the Apple Watch Series 8 started today, and the Apple Watch Ultra will start shipping on September 23.

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